• A Cup Of Earl Grey Can Help Fight Heart Disease?

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    Earl Grey tea is present in any English breakfast table, served with or without milk and cream. In addition to its lightly spiced black tea flavor, Earl Grey tea benefits as a stress-reducer, enabling one to feel soothed and comforted after a few sips.

    Natural Health News — New evidence suggests that bergamot extract can significantly lower cholesterol.

    The Italian researchers say that the extract from the fruit of this unique member of the citrus family, contains enzymes known as HMGF (hydroxy methyl glutaryl flavonones), bioactive compounds that can attack proteins in the body known to contribute to cardiovascular disease.

    What is more, according to the study, the bergamot extract  could even be as effective as statins, the conventinal medicines used to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood.

    Writing in the  in the Journal of Functional Foods, the authors also note that HMGF was also found to increase levels of high-density lipoproteins (HDL) or ‘good’ cholesterol.

    Say the authors: “High cholesterol is a common health concern for us all and often statins are given to help treat the condition. Extract from bergamot … reduced total cholesterol and LDL levels but there was an increase in …

    Bergamot essential oil stimulates the work of the brain, improves concentration and increases immunity. At the same time, good Earl Grey tea is not only tonebut also relaxes, removing tension and tiredness, which is especially important in the afternoon. It improves the work of the heart and give beneficial effect for the whole body, helping to clean the skin, pores, and even remove age spots. Bergamot tea is also unique in that it perfectly elate. Bergamot oil contains substances, stimulating the production of endorphins, hormones, or joy. So when you drink Earl Grey tea, you do not just enjoy its taste and aroma of this wonderful tea, but also have optimism for the whole day. This kind of tea relaxes, but at the same time, gives power.

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