• Historic EU Gov’t Meeting On Bad Science “GMO”

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    gmo-debateThe underlying points of the different debate being done around the world concerning health risk studies and research on commercialized products of GMOs. These GMOs are identified to have associated products like that soy and maize. To find solutions and contain the problem of pesticide particles, since these genetically made product is made as herbicide-tolerant which are mostly roundup or mutated Bt toxins. There are debates going on around the world regarding the risks that may come from uncertain result of mutation, or from a novel pesticide and its effect that may surface. The most recent and detailed assessment tests on the GMOs have undergone a three-month long feeding trials in the laboratory using rats, which are biochemically driven. The tests however are not required, they are not independently administered. The concern was presenting a scientific reasons and some different biological interpretations, it also emphasize the loop holes in the experimental basis or designed by the company. The debate would suggest an enormous responsibility towards public health. Apparently, Europe and its prominent countries are engaging a talk regarding their predicament on GMO products and their side effects in human body.

    The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Agroecology, Chaired by the Countess of Mar, met in the Houses of Parliament in London on June 18, to discuss the possible harm caused by the world’s most popular herbicide – Roundup.
    In what was one of the most comprehensive meetings ever held in Europe on Glyphosate and Roundup, experts from around the world gathered in London to share their expertise with the media, members of a number of UK political parties, NGO representatives and members of the general public.
    The interest in the event was very high and Committee Room 10 of the Houses of Parliament was full to the rafters with experts having travelled from as far away as Russia, China and the U.S., to listen to the four speakers give detailed presentations on how the unanswered questions surrounding the possible harm caused by Glyphosate and Roundup should be approached.
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    Discussion among nations are now on the move, however the issue of these GMO key players putting money on big groups, even entices government deals which involves money, would have impaired the intention of most of the minority to abolish or prevent GMO from flourishing in their country.

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