• Insulin Sensitivity and Numerous Aging Markers Can Be Improved With Ketogenic Diet

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    A ketogenic diet reduces oxidative damage within the body, and increases the production of uric acid and other potent antioxidants. This has important implications because recent reports here and here have suggested that ketosis and the resulting ketone bodies may provide relief for and reversal of several neurological disorders in which oxidative stress at the cellular level is strongly implicated as a cause. This would include Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease and stroke. Here's another study which showed that one ketone body in particular (beta-hydroxybutyrate) can slow down aging by triggering gene expression to reduce oxidative stress.

    By Dr. Mercola

    We are just beginning to understand the biological intricacies of aging. A growing body of research is challenging the belief that aging is beyond your control, prompting scientists to begin thinking about ways we can slow our aging clocks to a slow crawl.

    Although this is a relatively new branch of science, there are some factors that appear to be key in controlling how quickly you age. One major factor seems to be insulin signaling and the metabolic “engines” you have running day to day, which are largely controlled by the foods you eat.

    In the first featured video, Dr. Peter Attia discusses how a ketogenic diet can optimize your metabolism. But before I discuss the specifics of this, I want to tell you about a remarkable mouse study, presented in the second video. Scientists just accomplished quite a feat: extending the lifespan of mice by 20 percent just by …

    The bottom line here is that reducing your blood sugar reduces blood insulin levels, glycation end products, and inflammation. These three factors are closely associated with higher mortality rates from all sorts of diseases. Ketogenic diets are the ideal way to reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, which increases longevity and well being.



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