• HPV Vaccines on French Soil

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    An image of a doctor getting ready to make an injection to a childThe vaccine has made it to the French soil, not to be used, but to be the subject of discussion, a debate has erupted as the experts scrutinize about its side effects and downside of the vaccine, but this time they are using mice as their subject for experiment and observation. They were able to come up with a different results, but most of them are negative. HPV vaccines have garnish negative reaction from a lot of people from different countries, this is because of the reported side effect on young women who were vaccinated to avoid future problems on any cancer related diseases. But instead of getting protection form the vaccines, adverse effect are shown those girls, they became so ill and have developed different kinds of diseases. There are ever reports of death linked to the vaccines.

    There are countries in Asia and in Europe that do not support the vaccine, this because it did not conform to their standard of safety, in fact a lot of test are being done, to really make sure the effectiveness of the vaccine but instead overwhelming cases were reported linking HPV vaccine to have cause adverse effect and even cause death. This records are carefully investigated and even put the vaccine in a thorough investigation.

    Professors Romain Gherardi and Jerome Authier informed the audience of the preliminary results of their research which was funded by MSNA (the French Medicines Agency) which indicated a causal link between aluminum adjuvants and adverse events experienced after vaccination stating:

    We injected normal mice, without any particular background, with either PBS as a control serum, or the hepatitis B  vaccine, Engerix. We did cognitive and motor testing at various intervals. We have the results of the first two times. At 45 days, there is no difference between the control group and the vaccinated group. By contrast, at 135 days (4 ½ months), three tests are significantly altered in the vaccinated mice only. What are these tests? Tests of anxiety, decreased activity, decreased stamina (including motor endurance), that is to say a series of symptoms resembling that exactly described by patients of chronic macrophagic myofasciitis.

    Dr. Sin Hang Lee, described his Gardasil research …

    It’s a no brainer, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that HPV vaccine doesn’t have adverse effect on human, it is shown on reports, it was demonstrated through experiments, series of experiments, in fact –the debate that took place in France is not a talk in the bush, but includes evidences that would support their findings.

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