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    Birds in TroubleBirds have a wide variety of traits and characteristics, their colors, distinct chirps and sound signals, their sizes and role in our environment. Birds are so common, in fact we can observe them from a near distance. Birds play a very important role in the ecosystem. Here are just a few of the many roles birds play -Birds spread seeds of various plants; they snatch the fruits away from the tree and most of the seeds fell in the ground and stayed there until it becomes a tree. There are numbers of fruit-eating birds around that do the same job as well. Hummingbirds just like bees pollinate various nectar-producing plants, transporting pollen on their beaks and feathers from one flower to the next.

    Other types of Birds that are nocturnal creature are,swallows, swifts, and nighthawks they are busy during the night keeping the balance of ecosystem in place, they actually hunt hundreds of insects, many of which we consider pests like; beetles,mosquitoes and moths. In order to feed their young, they would catch huge amount of insects, which are high in protein and good for their infant birds. Their absence would warrant these insects to grow in great number and destroy agricultural crops and fruit bearing trees.

    Birds are greatly needed in the web of ecosystem, but unfortunately, they become victims of different experiments, and sometimes caused them to wander around because their habitat is disturbed by human schemes. They are serious studies about Birds that are confused and lost, for some reason they can’t find their way home and appear sick and disturb.

    After spending so many years and so much research just to correct a problem occurring with the original experiment, the sure results presented a new problem to biology and the environment at large.

    Mouritsen said:

    “We are absolutely sure that the effect is real.”

    That's why now, the results could be published just today in the journal Nature. Scarily enough – the levels affecting the birds are 1,000 times below WHO guidelines. Being so immersed in electronics it is going to be a difficult task finding out which electronics are causing birds to lose their way. It could be anything that has to be plugged in.

    So far, the bird disorientation only happens in large urban and industrial areas or learning campuses. And they ruled out power lines or cellphone signals because the frequencies they emit are too low and too high respectively. But the frequency band range most responsible is 2 kHz – …

    Birds’ population is threatened by a lot of things, series of hunting, making them as a pet, serving them in a meal. And often victimized by our own experiments, -such is harmful to them, it is our responsibility to protect them, because in return, they are actually protecting us through their role in the web of eco-system.

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