• “Zero-Waste” Supermarket Soon In Germany

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    When it comes to sustainability, you might know Germany best for its renewable energy ambitions and efforts to reduce carbon pollution. While these initiatives have been largely driven by government and researchers, a team of budding entrepreneurs is looking to get in on the action, too.

    Did you know that the average American is still producing nearly 3 pounds of trash every day? That is a monumental amount of trash! Where does that trash go? It’s actually very unfortunate that this trash is hauled off to dumps and landfills because then it is out of sight, out of mind.

    Perhaps if we could actually see the amount of trash that we are producing we would think twice before we buy certain items that contain a lot of packaging, or just certain items in general. Overall, consumers just don’t realize what they are contributing to (myself included).

    There are many people now that are becoming aware of this massive issue and they are starting to look at it head on to directly make a difference. There are restaurants, journalists and average consumers that are aiming to create zero-waste. And you know what? They are actually succeeding! From what I …

    Although recycling and more efficient packaging-waste efforts have made a dent in the amount of garbage heading to landfills, every day.

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