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    With this issues of having a mandatory vaccinations for adult. The Health and Human Service extended it until March 23, 2015. This cabinet's purpose and goal is to protect and ensure the health of all Americans and provide services essential for their health. The HHS wants to be transparent to all regarding vaccinations and the vaccines.

    Dear Senior Policy Adviser Rebecca Fish:

    As requested in the Federal Register of 2-5-15, please accept the following additional comments regarding mandatory adult vaccinations in the USA, the NAIP.

    Here’s what needs to be put in place if HHS/CDC/FDA want to be considered scientific and credible about vaccines, their safety and effectiveness, and transparency of public service announcements, in my candid opinion:

    1. An independent retrospective study of the health status of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children and adults must be performed to document the effectiveness of so called vaccine ‘herd immunity’ and the overall health status, e.g., allergies, chronic diseases, cancer, etc. in both vaccinated and unvaccinated cohorts.

    2. RT-PCR testing for contracted communicable infectious diseases by vaccinees to ascertain if the strain contracted is/was the same as that in the vaccine. If it wasn’t, then identify it for inclusion in CDC/FDA databases. Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction testing is a scientific and valid documentation that also can ascertain whether vaccinees may be shedding viruses to others, including vaccinated and unvaccinated children and adults.

    3. May I suggest that whenever anyone: infant, toddler, teen, adult or senior citizen, contracts any health problem that their vaccination status with corresponding dates be mandated to be reported and recorded as part of the statistical data presented for scientific and media recordkeeping and databases. That, I think, could be very helpful in tracking infectious diseases, identifying strains, and placing blame properly.

    Thank you very much for reading my comments, which I truly appreciate.

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    Catherine J Frompovich

    Please don’t hesitate to let federal health agencies know your feelings about vaccines/vaccinations, especially the mandate that all adult citizens MUST get children’s vaccination updates.

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