• Can U.S. Government Scientists Be Trusted With Pathogens?

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    A series of security failures in US disease-control labs handling lethal bugs such as anthrax, smallpox and bird flu has raised questions about the dangers of research into deadly pathogensFor the danger they posed, the lapses were appalling.

    According to ABC World News, the U.S. CDC’s bioterrorism and flu lab was shut down after a frightening mistake. What happened? The deadly H5N1 bird flu apparently was shipped by mistake to another lab, which put other scientists at risk. How about the general public being put at risk during transit and transportation of H5N1 samples? That could have been a convenient way for a pandemic to start, as they apparently are itching to see a pandemic happen, since the 2009 H1N1 obviously-contrived pandemic they prepared for failed because the pandemic never panned out.

    Getting back to government laboratory mistakes, The New York Times commented that

    The accidents, and the C.D.C.’s emphatic response to them, could have important consequences for the many laboratories that store high-risk agents and the few that, even more controversially, specialize in making them more dangerous for research purposes. [1] [CJF emphasis added. Therein lies the problem: science …

    They put lives at risk, that much is clear. But they were shocking, too, due to where they happened. The US government's high-security disease-control laboratories – which house samples of the most harmful germs in the world – cannot afford to screw up.

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