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    Digging The Vegetable Garden
    Organic gardening, once seen as something practiced only by health nuts and hippies, is no longer a fad. Everyone wants the food we serve to our families as well as our environment to be safe and healthy. This desire for safety – wanting to do no harm to our families and the world around us– is the central reason people grow organically. The more we learn about chemical herbicides and pesticides, the more we see the effects of synthetic fertilizers and genetically modified crops, the more we realize that we must protect ourselves from them.

    This little YouTube gem is loaded with succinct advice you can apply to your garden – whether you are just beginning, or have already established your green thumb.

    Among the best advice is how to use water wisely – collecting rainwater (the best source) when possible, using Clay Garden Ollas to accumulate ‘sweated’ atmospheric water right into your garden, and some strategies for filtering out toxins like fluoride and chlorine when using city/tap water (if you must), such as this garden hose filter that removes chlorine, etc. or a whole house reverse osmosis water filter system. These gardeners recommend this Rainshow’r Water Garden Filter System and this oxygen infusing spray nozzle. New to me, but looks very promising!

    If you grow organic at home in your own garden, you are producing some of the …

    It’s argued that organic gardens are impractical, expensive, and somewhat strange. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s the way our great grandparents gardened, the way food was raised for thousands of years before the invention, wide-spread use, and deceptive advertising of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

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