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    Green-TeaFor the longest time, Green tea’s existence had been very rich and generous, giving us the joy to take part of its relaxing healthy traits, nature has produced a vast variety of good things like, healing herbs, herbal plants, flowers, fruit trees and a lot more. Perhaps nature isn’t contented with them and became so playful it created a powerful plant, that later would become a beverage that will shock the experts in the world of wellness. Scientists now are probing how this beverage is able to prevent major diseases like cancer, the studies of how green tea annihilate cancerous cells even in their early stage, there are in fact trials made with human as a subject which they found out that it does impede the cells from developing cancer in its earliest stage.

    Green tea is also effective as pain reliever, thou it is only limited to some cases, it mostly deals with arthritis pain, thou it doesn’t replace the actual pain killer it can help you reduce the pain. It also has a minimal amount of caffeine but this one is organic, unlike other caffeinated beverages available in the market, the energetic effects of green tea are result to how much caffeine you have taken in.

    But even though scientific data has demonstrated this protective effect, scientists have struggled to explain exactly how it works to reduce the risk of cancer or to slow the growth of cancer cells.

    Now a study recently published in the journal, Metabolomics, offers an explanation that researchers say could open a new area of cancer-fighting research.

    Disrupting cancer cell’s metabolism

    The study reports that epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), the active biologic constituent in green tea, changed the metabolism of pancreatic cancer cells by suppressing the expression of the enzyme lactate dehydrogenase-A (LDHA) high levels of which are  associated with cancer.

    The researchers also found an enzyme inhibitor, oxamate, which is known to reduce LDHA activity, operated in the same manner: It also disrupted the pancreatic cancer cells metabolic system.

    Wai-Nang Lee, MD, corresponding author of the study and a Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute (LA BioMed) lead researcher, explains:

    “Scientists had believed they needed a molecular mechanism to …

    Although scientists are still puzzled about the substances that prevent major illnesses from growing, they are convince that green tea is one of the most healthy beverage in the world. It’s a complete beverage, in the sense that such simple tea could accommodate such huge elements –curing people from their illnesses.


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