• 5 Foods For Long Life: 113-Year-Old Man And His Secret To Long Life

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    Meet Bernardo LaPallo.  He is 115 years old with the body of an 80 year old.  He has never been sick a day in his life, avoids red meats, and eats mostly organic fruits and vegetables.  He has a recipe for longevity that he learned from his father, who was a doctor who lived to be 98.  In this video, he reveals his secret to health and the 5 foods he believes got him to where he is now.

    What are his favored five foods?

    Olive oil

    He loves to tell people to use olive on their skin after a shower – soak it up and be wrinkle-free like him.

    If you research him, you will a see a number of websites slapping fraudulent claims on him. It appears they don't believe his story and suspect that he just wants to profit or that he can't possibly be 113 due to his healthy appearance. They cite changing stories and a Social Security record dating a 1910 birth. Yet, it's helpful to remember that the media plays a part in the information. It's hard for people who have not been in this world nearly as long, to remember a time when Social Security did not exist – such as when LaPallo was born. According to him, as an African-American, he had to visit a separate office! And the recorder allegedly disregarded LaPallo's given …

    It’s no wonder that Lapollo has lived for so long as all of these items have been used for thousands of years to ward off disease.

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