• Battles Lost, War Won, Consciousness Changed: GMO Food

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    It’s hard to believe that multiple governments, including the United Nations still regard cannabis as an illegal drug. Despite the fact that it has a wide range of therapeutic properties, it still faces a heavy opposition, especially in North America. Granted, we might not know for sure with absolute mainstream scientific certainty that cannabis oil, without a shadow of any doubt, kills all cancers in all humans with cancer. We don’t know this, and can’t say it for sure because there hasn’t been any (unfortunately) human clinical trials to see if it’s actually true.

    In the age of rapid marketing campaigns, viral slogans and mass multimedia, companies have reinvented and deepened their consumer reach. Indeed, companies are now able to tout their products and services to consumers in ways limited only by imagination. Even political candidates have jumped on the band wagon with brand Obama winning ‘Marketer of the year’ in 2008. Where is it all leading? Have we reached advertising burnout? Have our minds reached full saturation with ads, slogans and clever tag-lines?

    GMO Food: Great Products No One Knows Where To Buy

    Nowadays, quick searches of the Internet will unknowingly attract a battalion of advertisements rushing towards you like mosquitoes on a humid summer evening. These ads are typically composed of companies eager to show off their stuff, not caring if they annoy you with their pop-up ads or targeted email advertising. Every company has their emblem or logo …

    Even though we’ve lost some battles, we are winning the war. You may not be aware of it but there is a clear demand at stores for non-GMO products that exceeds the demand for ‘organic’ products. Within literally two years, we have changed the consciousness of the public to understand that non-GMO is more important than organic. – Dr. Joseph Mercola

    And what do we really have to worry about? The truth is that most people do not have to worry within North America. There isn’t going to be a pandemic of walking Ebola-zombies anytime soon. As we’ve seen, Ebola is a relatively easy to kill pathogen. I think for now the best thing we can do is to 1) have properly equipped and designated hospitals that are ready to deal with potentially infected patients and 2) teach the public about natural immune defenses.

    Many of us have forgotten that our bodies are innately amazing machines and in doing so have given away our power to protect and heal ourselves from disease. Let’s remind ourselves of this again moving forward.

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