• Fantastic Uses Of Paracord For Prepping And Survival

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    Paracord is a highly versatile multi-filament nylon cord with nearly unlimited uses, applications and benefits, and is a must have for any survival and emergency preparedness kit.

    by Gaye Levy

    My love affair with paracord continues. Not only is it strong and useful for a myriad of tasks, it is colorful and fun to work with while making bracelets, key fobs, belts and other goodies. I am not the only one that feels this way. Simply enter the term “paracord” into a search engine and you will be presented with thousands of articles covering everything from what it is, how it is used, where to buy it, and more. It seems like everyone has a stake in the paracord love-fest with preppers leading the pack!

    What Exactly is Paracord?

    Here at Backdoor Survival, I first wrote about paracord in 2012. I described it this way:

    Paracord is a lightweight nylon rope that was originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II. Soldiers, however, found that this miracle rope was useful for far more than their paratrooper …

    A lot of people are under the misconception that a survival paracord bracelet is only for military personnel. While it’s true that a lot of military personnel use one because of its versatility in emergency situations, you have to know that there are also a lot of civilians that wear one. The question is – should you wear one as well?

    Make sure to read the rest of the article at Naturalblaze.



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