• Congress Ignores Thousands Of Vaccine Deaths

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    by Catherine J. Frompovich

    If Congress grilled the CEO of General Motors on April 1st, 2014 because of 13 deaths resulting from a faulty ignition switch in its cars over ten or more years, when will Congress investigate Big Pharma and vaccine makers about all the deaths attributed to and apparently caused by vaccines?

    Furthermore, it seems Congress is pissed-off because the problem went on for so long. Move over General Motors – there’s a more serious problem that’s killing USA children BIG time and no one cares. Your faulty ignition switch is a ‘piker’ compared with what vaccines are doing.

    Below is the HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) report of Claims Filed and Compensated or Dismissed March 5, 2014.

    Without a doubt, and listed in bold font, we see Death as being attributed to vaccines. What is the total number of deaths? One thousand one hundred and thirty-two (1,132) deaths are listed, …

    Under normal circumstances, when a public health measure is advocated or mandated, and it is accepted without question by all Federal health agencies, state and local health departments, and promoted by the mainstream media with unquestioning support from the orthodox medical community, then it is assumed that such measures at the very least meet basic scientifically proven criteria. Foremost should be public health safety and that the proven efficacy of a health program be implemented according to rigorous scientific gold standards. When this standard is ignored and denied, as is now being done by our health officials, then the wellbeing of the nation is placed at risk. 



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