• Enough Protein Intake to Maximize muscle health

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    Enough Protein Intake to Maximize muscle healthTo be called fit doesn’t mean that one should possess the quality of muscle that of Stallone and Schwarzenegger. But for health reason we need to discuss about the importance of muscle in our body. You’ll need them to lift an object, to pull your pants up, ride your bike and even as simple as standing and walking. The estimated numbers of muscle you have in your body is about 600 plus. Muscles are not just the ones you control in your body, The types of muscle you can move whenever you need to, which means you can control their movements to any direction their design to move –they are called “voluntary muscles”. The ones that are beyond your control are your “Involuntary muscle” one good example of this is your heart.

    The truth is, we don’t care much about pro-muscle food in our diet, and in fact we don’t really know how much food we ate in a day that are associated with protein, thou this may be true, how important it is to keep our muscle healthy? Healthy muscles let you move gracefully without fear that it may tear apart when it reaches its limit. They help you to enjoy physical activities like: dancing, swimming, running, playing sports, and a lot more. It will also keep your joints in good form. This is why we need to make sure we include protein food on our diet.

    Over the years there had been research made by experts about the deficiency of protein in the average Joe,

    When study volunteers consumed the evenly distributed protein meals, their 24-hour muscle protein synthesis was 25 percent greater than subjects who ate according to the skewed protein distribution pattern. This result was not altered by several days of habituation to either protein distribution pattern.

    The results of the study, Paddon-Jones points out, seem to show that a more effective pattern of protein consumption is likely to differ dramatically from many Americans' daily eating habits.

    “Usually, we eat very little protein at breakfast, a bit more at lunch and then consume a large amount at night. When was the last time you had just 4 ounces of anything during dinner at a restaurant?” Paddon-Jones said. “So we're not taking enough protein on board for efficient muscle building and repair during the day, and at night we're often taking in more than we can use. We run the risk of having this excess oxidized …

    Remember that without your muscle, you are paralyze. Having an unhealthy/weak muscle will cause you not enjoy their potential used though whatever undertakings that will come in your life. Stay fit and you’ll be able to do the things you didn’t think you can do it.

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