• Glow From The Inside Out: 5 Easy Detox Tips

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    From nourishing recipes , DIY beauty treatments and the best natural makeup from around world, Luk beautifood is your go-to space for all things natural beauty. We help you to create a healthy glow to feed your inner confidence and give you that illuminated, fresh faced look through what you put in and on your body.

    For most of us, our lives are completely littered with toxins, from the polluted air we breathe indoors and out, the chemicals we use to clean with, from the food we eat and in some cases from the water we drink; toxins from our environment are simply unavoidable.

    You can quite easily cut down your exposure to unwanted toxins by choosing more natural plant based and homemade personal care products, (check out this list for The Top Five Homemade Personal Care Products) biodegradable natural household cleaners, choosing organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible, drinking spring or purified water etc. Here are the top 5 simple detox tips that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

    1. Lemon Water

    Upon waking, mix 500-1000 ml of warm water with at least the juice of half of a lemon. Drink the entire mixture before ingesting anything else in the morning. Warm …

    To keep your skin clean, you’ve gotta have a clean lymphatic system. You cannot get clear skin from the outside in; it has to happen from the inside out. Every organ in the body affects every other organ in the body. Treat your body as a whole and you will long-term results that last.

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