• GMO: 19 EU States Reject, Council Approves Anyway

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    This GMO scare is fundamentally irrational. So good riddance. GM crops in general are neither toxic nor unhealthy, and they keep people who need food alive. Certain GMO crops may be at issue, but not the entire concept. It's the natural progress of humans making nature do their will. These plants produce their own pesticide, essentially. If we sprayed them on, which we also do, they would be regarded as environmentally friendly because they're very specific. Neither the toxins or the GM corn has ever been shown to be harmful to humans and the mentioned danger to butterfly larvae is debunked.

    Nineteen of the European Union’s 28 states rejected Dupont’s insecticidal corn, citing concern for pollinators.  Five EU states approved the genetically modified maize, and four abstained.

    But because state votes are weighted based on population size, no clear majority was reached either way, which leaves it up to the European Commission, who approved Dupont Pioneer’s TC1507 corn on February 11.

    The Commission approved TC1507 for import in November 2005 and five months later approved it for human consumption. This week’s approval will allow for its cultivation.

    French activist and politician Jose Bove condemned the approval and explained that Germany’s abstention prevented a majority vote rejection of the corn.

    A pesticide in a plant is ubiquitous in the plant kingdom. Plants, as a general rule, don't move too much, so unlike animal life, they can't run or fight anything trying to eat them. How, then, is it that the trillions of insects on earth don't devour all plant life? Part of that reason is pesticides. Take black pepper, for instance. Do you think it produces piperine, the chemical that gives black pepper its taste, in its seeds so that some primate will grind up and eat its offspring? Nope, piperine is a pesticidal defensive mechanism.

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