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    fHearts are so unpredictable, for years we try to solve the mystery of our instinct as human beings, we love, we hate, we become sad or get indulge in a state of happiness and all the things we fell towards one another –this what makes us so different from all living things here on earth. There are probably tons of instinct that we can count of, installed in human system, and it would take us forever to enumerate all of them. But the writer wants to talk about few of these nature, the nature of human to help and the nature to compete, these two can best describe why people rendered a sympathetic and empathetic gestures.


    How do we show sympathetic gesture despite The kind of generation that we have right now that is driven by a natural instinct called “competition” we compete in almost all things, we are trained and influence by a lot of factors, these have led us to compete –these factors give us variety of ways to express different manners to keep up with one another.

    1. Parents- they are the ones who thought us to be responsible –excel in school, be good, be on top, and be the best. These statements are examples of how our parents have influence us to compete.
    2. Government- the kind of society that we have all over the world is so driven by “recognition” young minds now a days look up to seeing themselves hailed through their achievements, they want to be seen, heard and honored. This is one of the factors why we need to work hard to whatever we do, as a result we compete.
    3. Environment- this factor is the most influential of all, the kind of society or environment that you have has the power to change you, it will mold you in ways which will cause you to compete so that you will fit in and have a sense of belonging.

    Thou we are almost perceived to a have a competing attitude, deep in our hearts we possess traits that would slightly defy it, we tend to show mercy, we pity and

    sympathize especially seeing other people falling behind, the thing about us, is that we can’t tolerate seeing others in suffering, we easily react to this, we sometime gives in to these emotions, we tend to hit the brake and sympathize those who didn’t make in life, however to sympathize is just to show how sorry you are for others who didn’t make it. This doesn’t express help. It is only limited to your emotions and will always remain as it is and would not translate to actions

    Sympathy rings hollow and without love…It requires no action and is the most disengaging response to receive. It is laced with shame


    How we are made and come into a being is kind off brutal and interesting at the same time. A male’s sperm cells is released during copulation with female. What’s interesting is: when sperms are release there are thousands of them racing to reach that one lone female egg cell, and only one sperm could get inside it, and once its inside, the egg will be close not allowing all the remaining sperm cells to get inside, those sperm cells that didn’t make it will eventually die after a while. It may seem glorious to that one cell who made it, but one victory has resulted to the death of hundreds of thousands cells. Something you can think about, it was a genocide.

    Although we were traced to have been a product of “competition” we have few traits that defies “competition” there is in fact one trait that totally defies it! There are people who live in total discomfort just to save someone from suffering, there are those who chooses defeat just to let others win. The will to empathize is more glorious than sympathize, it is the intention to share whatever help he/she can give to that other being who is in pain. To sympathize seeing the burden of other people, to empathize is doing what sympathize cannot do, and that is to extend help by putting on the shoes of those who are hurting.

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