• Cultivating Failure Might Improve Your Weight

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    When it comes to nutrition, it’s easy to spend a lot of time worrying about what to eat. But how much you eat puts as much of a stamp on your long-term health as picking the right kind of fat or choosing the right mix of vitamins.

    If you made a New Year's resolution, I'd bet the bank in Vegas that it was health related. Whether it was to lose weight, get fit or to simply eat healthier – those sorts of resolutions make up the lion's share of the New Year's resolution cup.

    And here's another bet I'd take in Vegas: Odds are that at least periodically your best intentions and hopeful resolutions, however well-intentioned and however well crafted, will undoubtedly go awry. The thing is, real life has a bad habit of getting in all of our ways. Sometimes it's the wonderful stuff. Events including birthdays, vacations, religious celebrations, promotions, new courtships – all will serve us with heaping, and often resolution-interrupting, portions of happy distractions.

    Sadly, sometimes it's the awful stuff – tragedies, layoffs, injuries and illnesses – that make our resolution to go to the gym or to cook from fresh whole ingredients more often not only seem but …



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