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    The Best Way to An organized and clean refrigerator means less searching for food,so meal prep and writing a grocery list and is faster and less food (and money!) is wasted.  And, your risk of foodborne illness is lower because foods will stay colder, raw meats will not drip on to other foods, and there is less risk of spoilage.

    Most people clean their kitchen on a regular basis, but for many this includes only a cursory wiping of the outside of the refrigerator door. Experts recommend cleaning out your fridge, inside and out, about once every week…

    But most Americans do so only once or twice a year— and even then typically only when faced with a spill or bad odor. In one survey conducted by Whirlpool Corp., for instance, 33 percent said they spend no time cleaning their refrigerator prior to a trip to the grocery store.

    Is an Unorganized, Little-Cleaned Fridge an Actual Health Risk?

    It can be. Any bacteria, parasite, or virus that can cause food poisoning can be transferred to your refrigerator shelves and crisper drawers from spilled or leaking food. Even food that’s not contaminated can become dangerous if it’s left in the back corner of your fridge for too long, and anything it touches also runs …

    Things that need no cooking to be safe to eat (like prepared foods or leftovers) are placed at the top, then everything else is organized downwards based on the temperature it needs to be cooked to, with the foods needing to be cooked to the highest temperature (like chicken) being at the bottom.

    When organized this way, any cross contamination that occurs won't be a problem because the food that's contaminated has to be cooked to a higher temperature than the food sitting above it that dripped down.

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