• Yoga Cures Depression And Anxiety For Pregnant Women

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    We all know yoga has landed pretty much everywhere around the world, you’ll see it on televisions, magazines and billboards. Yoga has become a household name and most people have turn to it because of its unique characteristics as a relaxing alternative exercise. Although there are deferent types of yoga it is always taught as a meditative form or flow of movement.

    The postures were developed so that each position flowed into an elaborate slow moving dance.Moreover, the true value of this ancient exercise is to unite the body, mind, and spirit, and how to reconcile them into a state of balance. Ultimately, yoga is about self-realization, true freedom from almost everything,

    This is where the exercise comes in to play for pregnant women, deferent stages of pregnancy can be very stressful; mood swing, choices of food, occasional pain and a lot more -These are just few of the things a pregnant woman had to juggle during the period. Study shows that women who are undergoing pregnancy is prone to depression and anxiety, that is why experts have tried to collaborate yoga to pregnant women, thou the manner of how the exercise is being perform is limited because of the person’s condition –they find it effective removing stress, depression and anxiety. This maybe because of its characteristics, gentleness and comfort combined that would result to a relaxation effect.

    A simple, healthy intervention

    The study, funded by baby charity Tommy’s, was carried out in Greater Manchester and looked at 59 women who were pregnant for the first time and asked them to self-report their emotional state. They were split into several groups, some of which took part in a yoga session a week for eight weeks, while the others just had normal pre-natal treatment.

    A single session of yoga was found to reduce self-reported anxiety by one third and stress hormone levels by 14%. Encouragingly, similar findings were made at both the first and final session of the 8 week intervention.

    This goes to show that pregnant women don’t have to suffer the entire pregnancy period, it should be with proper diet and right exercise.

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