• Lack of Sleep could Lead to a serious Illness

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    Lack of Sleep could Lead to a serious IllnessFor some of us lack of sleep is as common as talking to someone, for different reasons people to stay up so late to writing good articles, to their homework, work overtime, catching up a deadline, and even going on a boys night out party. But let’s discuss about the effect of sleep deprivation, some say -the lack of sleep can be learn, that is if your body have adjusted well , or if it get used to your sleeping clock routine. Well, this might be true, but the effect of such routine would still be visible in the person’s body. You always have a heavy body, permanent eyebags and even abnormal body clock, it will also appear on your skin, you will have a pale skin not getting enough vitamins on your skin which the sun gives off in the morning –because normally if you often stay late at night you’ll be sleeping in the morning.

    We are now living in a very fast phase community, where everybody is taking so much time on working just to make ends meet. However, going without enough sleep could result to a short- and long-term consequences. It can affect your mood and your ability to comprehend things, other risk that may take place are the problems ofdiabetes, obesity, occurrence of many types of diseases, and even early death.

    Acting Against Your Body Clock Can Lead to Serious Health Problems

    According to sleep researchers,8 people now get one to two hours less sleep each night, on average, compared to 60 years ago. A primary reason for this is the proliferation of electronics, which also allows us to work (and play) later than ever before.

    The blue light emitted from electronics such as TVs and computers suppresses your melatonin production, thereby preventing you from feeling sleepy. What you may not realize is that even if you don't feel sleepy, you need sleep. You've simply artificially disrupted your body clock; you have not in any way altered your body's biological needs. As noted by Oxford University Professor Russell Foster:9

    “We are the supremely arrogant species; we feel we can abandon four billion years of evolution and ignore the fact that we have evolved under a light-dark cycle. And long-term, acting against the clock can …

    It’s not really that hard to manage your time, you just have to discipline yourself and remain loyal to your body honoring it with healthy food, enough rest, and good exercise. You need not to abuse your body and exhaust it all the time, every abusive things you have allowed to happen in your body, will return to you with vengeance. Letting you suffer, not just for a moment, but it would likely be a long term consequence.

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