• Cats and Holistic Health

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    Cats have been roaming our hallways, alleys and invading our personal space for thousands of years. They have been considered Spiritual, encrusted with expensive jewlry because they were worshiped in Egypt and most recently considered Holistic Healers.

    It is hard to miss browsing though your phone and to not come across Grumpy Cat, Kittens being playful and Cats in general… just being cats. But there is a science behind those photos and the deep resognating ‘purrr' that your little furry friend gives you when much needed attention is resiprocated. So, aside from being entertaining and possibly still a little honory from being once considered higher than the common man how can cats help us be more healthy?

    A study published in the Frontiers of Psychology found that interacting with animals, such as cats, produced an increased trustworthiness toward other persons, reduced aggression, enhanced empathy and improved learning. Cats, because of the impact they have on our oxytocin levels, literally make us more empathetic and kind people.
    Scientific studies have shown time and time again that cats are more than just good pets.They are extremely therapeutic, and may actually be a good form of medicine for people suffering from heart conditions.

    Did you know that owning a cat can reduce your risk of a heart attack? After a 10 year follow up period, cat owners showed a 30% lower risk of death from heart attack compared to non cat owners.

    In addition to the improved heart health, cats also cause a release of oxytocin in the brain. Oxytocin is the feel-good chemical associated with the feeling of love and is extremely healing to the body. Serotonin and dopamine are also …

    In general, having a cat or any type of animal in your home is a sure way to distract you from depression and help you go out doors more often. There is also a scence of joy you get when you adopt as well.

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