• The New Unusual Types: Cosmetic Procedures

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    Botox, breast implants and nose jobs used to be the most in demand cosmetic procedures. But recently there's been a rise in obscure treatments with people modifying their body in weird ways. We round up the top bizarre procedures.

    The quest for physical ‘perfection’ has led to an increase of more unusual cosmetic surgery procedures in the industry. These include procedures such as calf implants, freckle removal and…toe modification. Below we look at some of the new procedures that have risen in the cosmetic surgery industry and exactly what they entail.

    This ear rejuvenation procedure uses dermal fillers to plump up the earlobe. Because ear lobes are subject to the effects of gravity and time, they can often become wrinkled, ‘weighed down’ or overstretched. An ear-tox plumps a thin earlobe which in turn makes it look more youthful. This is perhaps why this procedure is more common among st women over the age of 40.

    Calf Implants
    Calf implants are popular among st both men and women. It is performed under a general anaesthetic and can take between 1 and 2 hours. The procedure involves a small incision that is made behind …

    Many cosmetic surgeons recommend that patients talk with a therapist or psychologist before going under the knife, particularly if they are thinking about having one of these unusual or extreme cosmetic surgeries. Anyone contemplating these surgeries should ask a prospective surgeon how many such procedures he has performed, if he has had any problems with these specific surgeries, and if he can provide photographs of the results.

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