• Easy Spring Vegetables You Can Start Now

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    Spring-fresh and nutrient-packed artichokes, asparagus, peas and salad greens are in season now. This handy guide offers information on picking the best spring vegetables and the health benefits of each. Spring is the season when everything is in bloom, the sun is shining, the weather is warm, the days are getting longer, and it is also the time when some of the healthiest vegetables are being harvested. Springtime is a great time for eating healthy, since there are so many fresh vegetables everywhere. So if you’re ready to take a fresh start on how you eat, below is a list of some of the healthiest veggies that springtime has to offer.

    While many standard garden vegetables can not be planted outside or started from seed until the soil is fully warmed and the threat of frost is past, a variety of other cool season spring crops can be started right now, giving you a jump start on the gardening season and putting food on your plate long before the summer vegetables come in.

    Depending on your local weather patterns and climate, cool season vegetables can be planted either directly in the soil with no cover, directly in the soil underneath a row cover or low tunnel, or in pots and trays in a sunny window or porch.

    Planting under row covers or a low tunnel will not only help to warm the soil quicker, but will also protect seedlings from frosts (although a hard freeze, or a long stretch of really cold weather may still be able to kill plants under row covers).

    Planting in pots …

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