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    How’d you know that the beef you are buying in your favorite meat shop is actually healthy? Well, you wouldn’t probably know. The thing about cattle’s now a days especially those that are cultured for production purposes -they are feed with food that they are not supposed to be ingest. Processed food that cows are eating is not ideal, not healthy. Cattles in the farm are for food productions, some farmers feed them with processed corn made food to fatten them and make them appear healthy and marketable, but it’s really the opposite, because they are not healthy, and they are not fit for human consumption. Cattles that ingested chemical driven food are not safe, when they are being process readily display to be sold in the market, they post a threat to those who will buy and consumed them, those toxic chemicals that are found in these cattle will remain active even after they are being slaughtered for food.

    Cows are supposed to eat grass, they should be fed with organic foods, it is unhealthy for a cow to eat processed or artificial food because it will leave a toxic footprint in the cows’ diet. We should not judge their appearances to know how healthy they are. Many families in the US are actually going to this direction -eating beef meat that is healthy, chemical free. A lot of farmers in fact are studying this method, this type of method is not new after all. Processed food for cows were lately introduce to boost their weight (bigger weight, more money) however, those responsible for this idea have overlooked the side effects that the consumer can get from their meat. These toxic food alters the condition of the cattle, they become extremely huge but have distorted traits.

    Grass-Fed Beef Does Not Promote Antibiotic-Resistant Disease

    In the grand scheme of all that is wrong with modern agriculture, the unnatural transition that turned cattle, which naturally eat only grass, into grain-eating ruminants is definitely toward the top of the list.

    CAFO cows are fattened for slaughter in gigantic feedlots as quickly as possible (on average between 14 and 18 months) with the help of grains and growth promoting drugs, including antibiotics.

    This routine practice, which is done purely for financial reasons, has led to the current scourge of antibiotic-resistant disease, which now kills at least 23,000 Americans each year. Other growth-promoters commonly used in US beef have been banned in most other countries due to suspected health effects, both in animals and consumers.

    When you eat CAFO beef, you're also consuming small amounts of antibiotics and other drugs in each bite. Organic, grass-fed standards, on the other hand, do not permit non-medical use …

    The principle is simple. When the cow eats processed food, the chemicals that are found in their food (which is usually toxic) will get inside the cow’s system and remain there for a very long time. When the cow is slaughtered and process to be brought to the market and be sold. When the consumer buys them and cooked them for food, the toxic chemicals will remain in the meat and will be transferred to those who have eaten them.

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