• 11 Low-Tech And Simple Methods For Washing Clothes More Sustainably

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    Have you been destroying shirts in the washing machine or overpaying at the dry cleaners? Washing clothes by hand may conjure images of Snow White with a big wooden bucket, but washing your clothes by hand is actually a great way to save your clothes and extend their lifetime. Learn how to hand wash complete loads of clothing as well as your tricky delicate and specialty fabric items.

    Dirty laundry happens. And then washing clothes happens, usually quite wastefully, without a thought for the overall impact of this common chore. Whether you're trying to transition to having a lower environmental footprint, attempting to rely less on the grid, or just want to go greener in the laundry room, there are a variety of simple and low-tech methods for washing clothes in a more sustainable manner.

    When my family and I were experimenting with living in a tiny house, we spent six years learning how to do things in a simpler and more sustainable manner, sometimes out of choice, and sometimes out of necessity. And like most families, especially those that use cloth diapers for their baby, washing clothes seemed like a never-ending chore. Going to the laundromat every couple of days wasn't really optimal for us, except in the middle of winter when it was too cold to wash clothes outside, …



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