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    How not to Produced TrashAlright, so you have decided to go Green, live green, and have green diet, well, these things are the most ideal lifestyle a person could ever live a life. But here’s the challenge; through the course of this hailed life style, can you prevent producing trash? Literally trash that we normally produce in our daily routine. We’ll you would probably think “How the heck would that be possible?” well, that makes us two then if I get to ask the same question. The truth is -it’s very hard, imagine you would have to itemized everything that you have in your house and sorted it, figure out how can you not waste it after using it. Or how would you re-used the water that you have already used in shower and use it back to clean your kitchen utensil. Imagine the amount of discipline you must have to achieve this simple task. And I’m just taking about this particular simple task alone, I’m still not talking about the rest of the things you can find inside your house and processed them for recycled used.

    Try not to overthink this one because it will blow you mind, funny may its sounds but no matter how hard it is to imagine if this is achievable or not, The truth is; it can be done. But this would require a systematic program. A lone restaurant in Chicago, USA did it, everything they do there is guided by a strict program all products they are using are recyclable. The waste that they produced will not be a waste at all! They processed it and used them for other things. But this particular method is not made overnight. The discipline that the crews have undergone is not a joke, the rules and regulations must be place in so much detailed before the received praises and became restaurant became “zero waste” restaurant.

    First a statistic, the average restaurant produces about 100,000 lbs of garbage per year. That is 273 lbs a day on average! This garbage can range from paper, plastics, metals, packaging and so on. Most restaurants are using ridiculous amounts of products and or packaging that could easily be cut down with a little bit of thought and effort. One of our main issues is that we don’t think of these things because we usually are just repeating someone else’s model, (Blackqouted)hence why we are about to destroy our entire world. It seems all we care about is success and money. So much so that we’d rather have money than a planet, yet without the planet we can’t have money … go figure.

    The good news is, people are changing and the consciousness on this planet is shifting! More and more people are starting to look at things in a new …

    Now that this ingenuity is fully exposed, we cling to the idea that indeed it’s possible not to produced trash. We can actually live a life like this for as long as you have dedication to do what is right and stick to it for the rest of your life, like I said, this type of idea is not made overnight, it’s a lifestyle and from there it produces such remarkable practice.

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