• Your Best Bet For Natural Pain Relief – Arnica

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    Arnica has been used for many years as a plant-based pain reliever and is touted as a natural remedy to help relieve the pain of arthritis and sports injuries. Anecdotal evidence indicates that it is helpful in reducing bruising and shortening healing time. However, arnica has some powerful side effects that you should discus with your health care provider before you begin using it.

    by Dr. Richard Foxx

    There’s an herb that’s part of the sunflower family that’s called arnica. You’ve likely heard about arnica as you’ve made your way through health magazines and online articles. Arnica is known for its ability to help the body heal from injuries, bruises, and sprains.

    The herb is usually pressed into service because of its analgesic properties. It’s one of the best substances out there for soothing pain symptoms.

    The use of arnica as an analgesic remedy dates as far back as the 1400s. Both Native Americans and Europeans have a history of crushing the leaves and rubbing the herbal extract on wounds, bruises, and sprains.

    Arnica is one of those herbs that are strictly used as a topical treatment. Arnica can’t be taken internally, as it can cause serious side effects.

    In clinical trials, arnica usually performs well. For example, one such trial looked at the effectiveness of arnica in reducing …

    Arnica, like other herbal remedies, is not FDA approved. The flower and plant contain many active ingredients including compounds and volatile oils. As is true with almost all natural remedies, arnica products are not covered by your health insurance. Compare the cost of arnica-based products to the cost of products with similar functionality. But it is believed that arnica helps increase circulation and helps reduce both pain and swelling from minor injuries. You can apply it to your skin, add it to water for external use or use it internally. Arnica is a natural anti inflammatory readily available with out prescription from health food and organic products retailers as well as on the Internet. It is available in convenient forms including liquid, lotion, cream, gel and ointment.


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