• Tips To Lighten Up And Laugh Even More

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    Are you taking life too seriously all the time? Perhaps your natural instinct is to respond to everything with a very serious tone, to point out the failings of all those around you and to impose your politically correct views on others no matter whether it is a birthday, wedding or a work meeting – you just mar the occasion by reminding everyone of how much more serious you are, how frivolous and incorrect they are, and, well, does that make you feel like a really good person inside?

    Some research indicates that the benefits of laughter go well beyond the ever-important fun factor. Laughter may be a blood-pressure reducer, an immune-system booster, a stress buster and a friend maker. But because we're serious adults with jobs (or without jobs) and responsibilities and bills and meetings, it's sometimes hard to remember to loosen up with a load of laughter now and then. We'll help.

    Love Your Laugh

    Worried that folks will think your laugh is loud, nasally or cackling? Consider this ancient sentiment: Haters gonna hate. Laugh off criticisms. “Your laugh is part of your identity and self-esteem, and it’s essential to who you are,” says Steve Wilson, Columbus, Ohio-based psychologist and director of National Humor Month. “So to inhibit it or deny it puts you in jeopardy for health and happiness.”

    Embrace Positive Laughter

    “[Humor] can be a tool that you use positively, but it can also be a weapon,” says Karyn Buxman, motivational speaker …



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