• Why Roundup Herbicide from Monsanto is a Threat to Health

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    4719962912_edd5a25304The government is allowing these roundups to be sold in the market for farm used. Without any move to trace the validity of their safety for plants and crops used. It is discovered by the experts and I must say it’s quite disturbing to know about the truths concerning glyphosate, it’s the controversial ingredient in Monsanto’s wider production of herbicide Roundup, which is lavishly incorporate on Roundup crops that which is genetically engineered. These Genetically made crops are said to be far more contaminated with glyphosate than ay regular or conventional crops found in your local farm, this is because they are purposely made to absorb extremely high levels of Roundup without harming the crops.
    Dr. Don M. Huber had devote himself studying the different varieties of plant diseases and had warned the USDA about a new pathogen discovered in genetically modified crops, affecting cattle unfortunately the government didn’t show support about the findings. Instead of looking at the Doctor’s decent findings they chose to support Monsanto and its harmful Roundups. To give us a clear understanding why Monsanto roundups are extremely dangerous for humans here is the article about the good doctor, Dr. Don M. Huber.

    There are people (who lack the background of Huber, and in some cases have a vested interest in biotech/chemical companies) who like to ridicule Huber and people who publish what he says – especially in regards to the alleged new pathogen. They demand he release his findings to the whole of the scientific community. I do not know how open and available his findings are, but you can read his letter HERE.
    It isn't too out of bounds to have concerns about companies who produced chemicals like Agent Orange. Nor is the idea of an undiscovered pathogen outrageous when one considers the Epicyte gene that both Monsanto and DuPont (supposed competitors) patented for corn that is actually a living contraceptive – an infertility gene.
    Jeffrey Smith of the Responsible Technology Institute, writes in his book, Seeds of Deception:
    Many scientists are concerned that when humans and animals eat GM food, the ARM [Antibiotic …

    If the government continues to ignore the red flag raised by those people who openly divulge the harmful side of GMO products then it is clear that people particularly in the US are in great danger.

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