• Webinar: Vaccines And Shaken Baby Syndrome

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    haken Baby Syndrome (SBS), which will be blamed for an anticipated 12,500 deaths of children in the US this year, will send parents and other caregivers to jail, sometimes for life.

    Up to half of deaths related to child abuse should be blamed on SBD. Parents and caregivers will be rushed to judgment in emotional trials where judges frequently will not allow expert testimony for the defense, while the attorneys of the accused prevent them from taking the stand in their own defense and dismiss the expert witnesses and data the accused wish to present to defend themselves with.

    Vaccine apologists believe vaccines can cause no harm, something that is as far from the facts as any legitimate science ever should proclaim!

    The U.S. CDC’s VAERS reporting system documents vaccine damage claims, which are estimated to represent only one to ten (1:10) percent of the actual damages caused by vaccines.

    One especially ‘visceral’ medico-legal form of damage is Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). Numerous parents have been legally prosecuted for shaking their babies to death whereas in reality, the damage done to the child’s brain was caused by toxic vaccine ingredients.

    One has to realize and understand that for a true SBS event to have occurred, the child’s neck should be broken! For the amount of force and pressure to be exerted on the brain to cause the swelling and encephalopathies that result in SBS, there must be physical damage, especially neck trauma! Ironically, most cases of SBS do not present any physical …

    In those cases in which laboratory tests are carried out the findings are consistent with diabetes mellitus and tissue scurvy: glucose and ketones are high and both coagulation and liver function tests are invariably abnormal.

    Dr. Michael Innis, a leading expert in the relationship of tissue scurvy to so-called SBS writes “Nowhere in the enormous amount of literature on the subject of the Shaken Baby Syndrome have the authors explained how shaking an infant can raise the level of the blood sugar or cause glucose to appear in the urine”

    Vaccines are an uninsurable risk for the vaccine manufacturers but they carry considerable risk for the recipients.

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