• Hands Are Bound: Break Through Duct Tape

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    This is a tip to help in a very scary situation that I hope you, and no one you know, ever has to think about using. Dateline Correspondent Andrea Canning demonstrates how to free yourself if you’re ever bound in duct tape.

    Canning explains this method was one she learned from a CIA agent. By holding her hands above her head and then thrusting her arms down she’s able to free herself! The reason the technique she demonstrates works is because of “lateral stress.” The movement of swinging her hands downward puts more stress on the cross section of the tape and thereby tears it.

    Ladies…and gentleman!

    Perish the thought you ever find your hands bound in duct tape, but if you do here's how to get out.

    With a proper use of force, you can use your arms to break free. That's the important factor.

    By raising your arms above your head, high as possible, and slamming them down hard at waist/hip level, the use of force breaks the bound tape in half.

    You should also note that this technique also works for zip ties. Reportedly, the key is “to give it all you’ve got”, by pulling your arms through your body, and not stopping because you expect resistance.

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