• Ways To Reduce Waste When Shopping

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    A remarkable way to live green and save your money as well.

    Did you know that you are actually spending a lot of money on things that will eventually become trash?

    By purchasing items that are disposable, over-packaged, or made of poor quality, you are actually turning your cash to trash! Think about it, if you shop smarter and incorporate better shopping techniques, you can avoid throwing your money away with the rest of your garbage. Yes, all packaging, including those disposable bottles and cans are included in the selling price.

    Here are some clever ways to shop green and reduce your waste of goods and money:

    Purchase items that are reusable, refillable, or recyclable/returnable
    Rather than throwing items into your nearest land fills, invest in products that have reusable containers. Some examples of products you can replace are disposable bottles, disposable paper cups and plates etc. Invest in a reusable water bottle versus plastic water bottles. Buy spaghetti sauce in mason jars. Use reusable bags …



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