• Truth: How Vaccine Pushers Conceal

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    Vaccinate everyone as much as possible! … Some people opt out … People are getting sick because we don’t vaccinate enough! … Vaccine rates go up, more people get sick … Blame the unvaccinated! They’re not listening to us!!

    There are some disease outbreaks now (mostly whooping cough). But there’s also evidence of mutating strains and vaccine failure. They refuse to consider this evidence, pretend it doesn't exist, and scream louder at the unvaccinated crowd. That’s just brilliant. And then this happened

    We know that statistics may be twisted into the realm of absurdity, but most of us seem to accept them when considering the safety of medicines.

    Here’s a typical example: We ask a doctor who recommends a vaccine about the risk of contracting Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a serious autoimmune condition which may evolve into paralysis. The doctor may assure us that the risk is “probably only one additional case in each million persons vaccinated.”

    Why should we accept this statistic without question?

    Where do these safety statistics come from? They come from epidemiologists and statisticians whose interest is in the promotion of vaccines and who manipulate the statistics so that vaccines appear to be safer than they are in reality.

    How Statistics are Misused to Make Vaccines “Safe”

    Dr. Lawrence B. Palevsky, a widely respected pediatrician in New York, gives a more detailed explanation:

    It is often stated that there is normally no higher …

    Start asking the tough questions and having a little scientific curiosity.  Start having honest discussions and respecting peoples’ input.  Because these latest scare tactics lead me to believe that the people using them simply aren’t capable of this level of critical thinking.  They aren't capable of looking at actual data, or history, and drawing interesting and complex conclusions.  No, they’ve made up their minds that everything is “those darn non-vaccinating parents’ fault” and they’re not open to evidence that might suggest something different.

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