• Treating Inflammatory Disease Through Acupuncture

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    Electroacupuncture may reduce inflammation that causes sepsis death, a recent study has shown. This research shows physical evidence of acupuncture's value beyond any that has been demonstrated before, and also shows potential benefits not just for sepsis, but for treating other inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and Crohn's disease. While investigating acupuncture mechanisms, the researchers also have determined that fenoldopam, a dopamine receptor agonist, also shows promise as a pharmaceutical sepsis treatment.

    Natural Health News — New research has documented a direct connection between the use of electroacupuncture and physical processes that could alleviate sepsis, and the inflammatory disorders it triggers.

    Sepsis is a severe infection that often develops in hospital intensive care units. The incidence of severe sepsis (i.e. sepsis-induced organ dysfunction) in the European Union has been estimated at 90.4 cases per 100,?000 population (by comparison the incidence of breast cancer is 58 per 100,?000 for breast cancer).

    A major cause of death

    In the US sepsis claims an estimated 250,000 lives every year. In the UK the figure is estimated to be up to 64,000 a year.

    The anti-inflammatory drug Drotrecogin alfa (Xigris) , which was introduced in 2001, was withdrawn in 2011 due to severe adverse effects (internal bleeding) and evidence showing no efficacy in treating sepsis. Since that time there have been no FDA-approved drugs to treat sepsis.

    “Sepsis is the …


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