• Tomatoes 10 Health Benefits

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    Tomato, a pulpy nutritious fruit commonly eaten as a vegetable, is another wonderful gift of the Mayans. This humble vegetable of Central America has seized the attention of millions of health seekers for its incredible phyto-chemical properties. Interestingly, it has more health-benefiting compounds than that of an apple!

    Here are our top 10 health benefits of tomatoes to convince you to eat more of them:

    1. Eating tomatoes is thought to reduce the risk of prostate cancer as well as other cancers like throat, pharynx, esophagus, mouth, cervical, lung, stomach, colon and ovarian cancers. Lycopene is the ingredient that promotes these health benefits. It is thought that the Mediterranean diet, where tomatoes are cooked with olive oil, contributes to low rates of cancer in Mediterranean countries.

    2. You may not realize that tomatoes are high in calcium. This means your bones benefit when you include this fruit in your regular diet. As mentioned, tomatoes contain vitamin K, which is also beneficial for keeping bones healthy and strong. Lycopene, once again, plays a part in strong bones as it is known to improve the bone mass. This is especially important as you start to age and diseases …

    There are many benefits in eating tomatoes, they are not just good for your health but actually  are lovely to eat. They are an adaptable fruit that can be mixed with salad, sandwiches and soups as it adds amazing flavor to any dish.
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