• Obamacare Is Bad For Your Health

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    President Obama has made it clear that reforming the American health care system will be one of his top priorities. In response, congressional leaders have promised to introduce legislation by this summer, and they hope for an initial vote in the Senate before the Labor Day recess.

    by Dr. Richard Foxx

    There are many people who are healthy, regardless of their healthcare coverage. These people have a secret and that’s to eat the right foods in the right proportions, to get some exercise, and to maintain healthy social connections.

    While Medicare can be a tremendous help in times of emergency, it may actually be harmful to your health if you rely on it to support unhealthy habits. There are stories emerging from the U.S. right now, about how getting people access to “Obamacare” may not be the panacea many had hoped it would be.

    The U.S. has long struggled with the issue of universal health care for its citizens. While gifted at spending billions of dollars on its military, the U.S. has balked at investing money in a national health care program. Every president, Republican and Democrat included, has tried to address the issue of health care. Recently, President Obama …

    The government would undertake comparative-effectiveness research and cost-effectiveness research, and use the results of that research to impose practice guidelines on providers — initially, in government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, but possibly eventually extending such rationing to private insurance plans.



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