• The TED Talk That Comes With a Warning

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    For a woman who comes from several minority groups and has been disadvantaged her whole life this woman has an INCREDIBLE view on life.

    Recently, I wanted to share the great news about people who were actually successfully reversing their ALS, also called Lou Gehrig's. It turns out, people are also reversing another neurodegenerative disease – Multiple Sclerosis.

    Against all odds, and without much success in the conventional medical system, some people are discovering a way back to life, foregoing the belief in the typical death-sentence prognosis. They make connections about auto-immune conditions, the brain and the nervous system. They make connections, using an array of research studies and their own bodies, experimenting with specific nutrients and lifestyle changes.

    Below you will find a couple talks that show how people are reversing MS – specifically, Dr. Terry Wahls, a medical researcher and former Taekwondo champion who wound up in a wheelchair a few years after her MS diagnosis. She calls herself a canary in the coal mine for everyone else …

    Consequence of bad science and health hoaxes are not trivial. As an example, Andrew Wakefield’s attempt to link autism and vaccines was exposed as a hoax last year. But while his work was being investigated, millions of children went without vaccines, and many contracted deadly illnesses as a result.

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