• The Risk Of Preterm Birth Could Be Reduce With Healthy Eating

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    Expectant mothers are often told to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and a new study adds to evidence that a healthy diet is linked to a reduced risk of premature birth. Healthy eating during pregnancy is always a good idea.

    Preventing babies from being born to soon may be as ‘simple’ as ensuring the mother eats a healthy diet.

    That’s the finding of a new study conducted by  researchers from the University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health

    To assess the link between diet and preterm birth 66,000 women completed a comprehensive questionnaire about what they had been eating and drinking since becoming pregnant.

    The researchers also had access to information about the women’s general lifestyle, e.g. level of education, living conditions, income, weight, physical activity, smoking habits, alcohol consumption, number of children and medical factors such as history of preterm birth.

    Encourage healthy eating habits

    Strategies to encourage healthy eating during pregnancy often have mixed results – especially amongst women who are less educated and who are on a low income. In addition most research into pregnancy and nutrition tend to focus on interventions with single nutrients rather than …

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