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    Clean Enough to get AllergiesAllergies are determined in different forms and occurrences. They are triggered in different ways and are accumulated through food, seasons and even your pets, like dogs and cats. Most of the allergies are associated with the food we eat, common result of this particular allergy is seen on the person’s skin. It usually form a red mark on the screen, it can be a little itchy and sometimes spread all over the nick and face. Allergy symptoms are driven by a hypersensitive reaction that resulted to a hostile substance, it is the immune system which guards the body against harmful bacteria. There are cases however, your immune system will safeguard against substances that are otherwise harmless to human body. Allergens are what they called to substances when your body reacts to allergic activity in your system.

    There are more than a thousand allergens that were discovered that can trigger allergies, but some of the most common are: certain medication,household chemicals, pet hair or skin,   grass and tree pollens, food (particularly, seafood, eggs,fruit and nuts) wheat and milk. According to studies, one of the many reasons why allergies are sprouting around is:

    We're Too Clean

    The “hygiene hypothesis” proposes children aren't exposed to enough dirt, bacteria and other infectious agents early on, and their under-stimulated immune systems goes on the offense when exposed to benign stuff like food.

    The immune system needs to come into contact with a variety of micro-organisms and bacteria while it is developing at the infant stage, in order that it responds appropriately later in life.

    Children are actually increasingly allergic to anti-bacterial products, many which are ironically supposed to prevent allergies.

    Whilst children living in farms were previously directly exposed to animals, and their environment contained a range of microbial agents and plant derived agents, most of us now live in cities where we have minimal exposure to animals. We know that children with regular contact with farm animals have a lower incidence of allergy. Inadequate exposure to environmental micro-organisms may therefore result in the immune system of atopic children developing …

    To prevent allergic reaction -one should avoid allergens that are found pretty much everywhere. Thou this is somewhat hard to do, you can always learn how to get rid of them and educate yourself about how they can be accumulated.

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