• The Most Important GMO Vote

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    While voters will have their say on 147 ballot measures on Tuesday, a handful rise above the rest.Some measures are simply “advisory questions,” meaning no laws will be changed if they are passed. Others would affect policy, but only in minor ways. But a handful would have a significant impact on state and, in some cases, national policy and politics.

    We have taken a short time out to play by their rules by voting for GMO labeling in Colorado and Oregon, now it is time to continue dismantling GMO from all angles.

    As Dr. Joseph Mercola recently stated, the consciousness of the people has shifted regarding GMO food. Similar to when the population rejected the popular idea of cigarettes being harmless, from the empty promises of big tobacco CEOs, GMO is dead on arrival moving forward.

    The ballot ‘losses' in Oregon and Colorado have only added more logs to the already blazing fire in the minds of local communities. Conscious mothers are redoubling efforts in grocery store isles, local farmers are speaking with their plows, and anti-GMO activist groups are seizing ripe social media opportunities inch by inch. Business and products hiding ‘modified foods' are left powerless in the shadow of the people's will that is now surging like tsunami waves. …

    While we are talking about the farm bill, Republican Tom Cotton unseated Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor in Arkansas. Cotton will move over from the House, where he voted against the farm bill, saying it provided too much money to feed the poor. It’s hard to imagine this new Senate passing a farm bill that President Obama would sign.

    In Rochester, N.Y., Democratic Rep. Louise Slaughter, a champion for reform in the use of antibiotics for food animals, was just barely clinging to a knife-edge victory. Prognosticators had expected that she would easily win, and she raised nearly three times as much money as her challenger, Republican Mark Assini, but the count was down to less than 600 votes, and might be determined by absentee ballots.

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