• Teen’s Heartwarming Message To A Mom In Snow

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    Truly a simple heartwarming message to give a mother having cancer. It is significantly important to identify and know the effects of cancer. Nobody wants to have this kind of chronic disease so the best thing we should do is learn how to live healthy lifestyle and diet to live a better life.

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    A loving, motivational message from a son to his mother – carved out in snow on the top deck of Chicago's Rush University Medical Center parking lot — went viral earlier this month.

    The snow message read “HI MOM” and was intended for Sharon Hart, a 48-year-old woman undergoing chemotherapy for acute myeloid leukemia. After thinking about the rest of the patients in the hospital, the 14-year-old son and his father went back and added “GOD BLESS U” to the message, which was visible to nearly the entire east side of the hospital.

    When nurses, doctors, and patients began sharing photos of the heartwarming message on social media, the message soon went viral, touching many around the world, especially the millions who have been personally impacted by a cancer diagnosis (themselves or a loved one).

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