• A glimpse of light in your room could hurt your sleep

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    sleepSleep has played a very important role in health and wellness. A person who gets enough sleep at the right “sleeping”  time,  will have His/her mental and physical health in good condition. Your mood when you wake up after a long or short sleep will be determine on how much comfortable you are during sleeping. Your body is working through the task that you do every day, and this would support healthy brain function and boost your physical health. Sleep is also helpful for children and teens, it helps them support their growth and development.
    Studies show that a good sleep during night improves comprehension skills. Whether you're playing the chess, playing the guitar of how to perfect your forehand stroke when you play lawn tennis. Sleep also helps you pay attention, make decisions, by this I meant you’ll have a clear and a focus mind throughout the day.
    Lack of sleep could change the brain activity. If you're sleep deficient, you will likely be having a hard time making a wise decisions or weak mindset in solving any problems. On a recent study about “Sleeping” they found out that there are factors that will likely sabotage your good sleep and would likely result to unhealthy lifestyle.

    A study from Oxford University is showing how the amount of light in your bedroom can also be playing a role in your health. A study of 113,000 women indicated that the brighter a bedroom was at night, the greater likelihood that the person sleeping in it was obese. The conclusion: a bright bedroom can sabotage your health by making you fat.
    There are number of health problems that can arise from both obesity and insufficient sleep, so this might be a major health concern. However, it is my belief that the brightness in your bedroom isn’t going to contribute to obesity to the same degree as diet and a lack of exercise, and I doubt the doctors behind the study would, either.

    But the two could have an association. When you’re tired and struggling through the day, your body craves calories to keep it moving, and this might cause overeating or …

    It is so important to get enough rest, our body demands it and we should treat our body with respect by avoiding sleep deprivation.

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