• Sprouting Garlic – An Unexpectedly Rich Source Of Antioxidants

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    A number of people believe that vegetables and fruits that have sprouted are bad for health as they release chemicals that are toxic for the body. While this might be true for certain fruits and vegetables it does not apply to garlic. That might not necessarily be true, especially in the case of sprouted garlic. While unsprouted garlic is known to help reduce cholesterol, keep heart disease at bay, beat cancers, heal skin infections and even help in decongesting a clogged up nose; sprouted garlic has now been found to have amazing benefits for your heart health.

    Natural Health News — Old garlic bulbs that have started to grow ‘sprouts’ are often considered past their prime, and usually end up in the rubbish. But new research suggests these bulbs have higher levels of heart-healthy antioxidants than their pristine counterparts.

    Jong-Sang Kim and colleagues from Kyungpook National University in South Korea note that eating garlic or taking garlic supplements has been shown to be a natural way to reduce cholesterol levels, blood pressure and heart disease risk. It even may boost the immune system and help fight cancer.

    But those benefits are generally for fresh, raw garlic or garlic supplements. Sprouted garlic has received much less attention.

    New compounds

    Other studies have shown that sprouted beans and grains have increased antioxidant activity, so the team set out to see if the same is true for garlic.

    When seedlings grow into green plants, they make many new compounds, including those that protect the young …


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