• Research: Proteasome Can Preserve Your Muscle

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    Protein degradation via the UPS (ubiquitin–proteasome system) plays critical roles in muscle metabolism and signalling pathways. The present study investigates temporal requirements of the UPS in muscle using conditional expression of mutant proteasome subunits to cause targeted inhibition of proteasome function.

    by Dr. Victor Marchione

    As far as diets go, a protein-based one may not be a bad idea. Researchers from the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine have discovered that a high protein diet helps to shut down a key system in the body responsible for degrading skeletal muscle tissue. The system in question is called the proteasome system.

    For those of you thinking of going on a diet, or are already dieting, this news may be of relevance. Often, when dieting, along with the loss of body fat, muscle tissue tends to disappear. For everyone, this can become a problem. For older adults, it becomes much more of an issue. It is more difficult as a senior to regain muscle tissue, which tends to slowly waste away as part of the natural process of aging.

    For their study, the U.S. military researchers had young men and women follow a specifically controlled …



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