• Get You In Shape Quickly: 4 Habits To Do

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    For an unathletic, self-professed geek, I’ve made a fair amount of improvements in my physical life. Going from exercising rarely to exercising every day. I’ve gone getting completely winded after a three mile jog to being able run a half marathon. Switching to a vegetarian diet and still managing to put on fifteen pounds of lean muscle mass.

    “Getting in shape” can relate to a lot of things. It can be spiritually, mentally, physically and so on. Getting in shape doesn’t suggest an “ideal” image, but more so a feeling and being healthy in all categories.

    When we think of what it feels like to go about life not having enough energy or feeling tight/pain all of the time or being down and out, it isn’t too fun and it takes away from being able to experience the full spectrum that life has to offer.

    Getting in shape and feeling these things in life doesn’t have to be a long drawn-out process; it simply takes choosing to do it and doing it with some knowledge of how to best move forward. If you feel that you would like to boost your energy, process a few emotions, eat healthier or even just feel better overall, here are 4 habits that can …

    A simple rule of thumb for eating the right amount of the right foods is to fill half of your plate with fruit and vegetables, a quarter with starch such as bread and pasta and the other quarter with protein such as lean meats and fish.

    Watch out for portion distortion too. Lean meats and chicken should roughly be the size of your mobile phone and your starch the size of a computer mouse. Fruit and vegetables should be a handful in portion size.

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