• Influence Your Weight With Your Body Clock

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    To maintain the body figure and weight that  you've always wanted, your body clock is the biggest factor that influences them all. If your body clock rest late, it can trigger greater amount of weight lost and lessen your body's immune system and the vital parts of the body.

    Natural Health News — Your innate ‘body clock’ has a huge influence on the way your body uses nutrients and calories throughout the day, according to two recent studies.

    Circadian rhythms, which follow a 24 hour cycle, govern the fundamental physiological functions in virtually all organisms. They are time-tracking systems – an intrinsic ‘clock’ – that help our bodies anticipate environmental changes, such as exposure to light and dark, and adapt themselves to the appropriate time of day.

    These rhythms regulate the release of hormones and impact fertility, immunity, digestive function, body temperature, the sleep-wake cycle and mood. Changes to these rhythms can profoundly influence our physical and emotional health.

    In one study, Australian researchers claim to have discovered the first evidence that the nerves in the stomach act as a circadian clock, limiting food intake to specific times of the day.

    The discovery, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, could lead to new information …



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