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    Purify Kidney with these 9 HerbsThe kidneys like the liver, does more than one job in the body. Among others, the kidneys excrete wastes, reabsorb certain nutrients, and regulate osmosis and water balance.

    Kidneys unlike the liver do not regenerate when damaged. One simple malfunction could mean malfunction of the whole organ. Malfunction of one whole organ could mean a transplant. It is important therefore to take good care of our kidneys.

    Out of the 783,936 annual deaths from conventional medicine mistakes, approximately 106,000 of those are the result of prescription drug use [1]. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, two-hundred and ninety people in the United States are killed by prescription drugs every day [2].

    We’ve become a society that instantly turns to medication and drugs whenever something is wrong. Our dependence on medications has gone up tremendously, with few people realizing the healing power of food, which is real medicine. It seems that almost any drug out there, as well as any disease can be cured or treated with the right food. This has been proven time and time again. We’ve become so used to taking drugs that when food is thrown into the picture, people often become confused and gaze at the one recommending it in disbelief, often paying no attention to the truth about food.

    While you are …

    As the body is composed of 60% water, the kidney’s role in water regulation is very important. The water input and output is mandated by the kidneys.

    Kidneys also help to remove wastes like eureka and creatinine. Many waste products are toxic if they are not removed from the body, chemical waste that is produced in the body is removed by the kidneys.

    Last but not least, kidneys produce hormones. These hormones circulate in the bloodstream and regulate various bodily functions like blood pressure, the production of red blood cells and the uptake of calcium from the intestine. They also produce an active form of vitamin D.

    The kidneys play a key role in the detoxification of the body, and here’s how you can ensure they stay healthy and clean.

    Sources are provided for you to see the legitimacy of the claims, but we recommend that you further your research if truly interested.

    1. Chanca Piedra 

    Chanca piedra, or “stone breaker,” is a favorite in South America for supporting the kidneys and clinical trials have confirmed the plant’s effectiveness. It’s common in regions and its widespread use has earned it a positive reputation in Ayurvedic medicine as a helpful herb for kidney, bladder and liver health.

    2. Goldenrod

    Goldenrod was used extensively among many Native American tribes for promoting urinary tract health. Research has found that the herb tones the urinary tract and is helpful for detoxifying the kidneys

    3. Hydrangea Root Hydrangea root was popular among Native Americans and early settlers, both of whom used the plant for promoting kidney and bladder health. Hydrangea root acts as a solvent and is thought to smooth the jagged edges of kidney stones. Hydrangea root also appears to help the body properly use calcium, an action that may be helpful for discouraging kidney stones from forming in the first place. (source)

    4. Celery Root Both the root and seeds of celery have been used for centuries as a natural diuretic. What positive feature do diuretics have? They can help your body eliminate toxins by increasing urine output. Celery root has long been considered a stimulating tonic for the kidneys as it contains nutrients like potassium and sodium. (source)

    5. Gravel Root Also known as Joe Pye weed, gravel root has a long history of use by Native Americans and early American colonists for promoting kidney and urinary health. Its effectiveness may be partly due to its euparin content — a solvent with potent activity against harmful organisms. [6] This may explain why many believe it’s effective at discouraging infections. (source)

    6. Uva-Ursi Also called “bearberry,” uva-ursi has been used by many cultures. It’s an astringent that can soothe and tone the urinary tract and research has also found evidence to support its traditional use for cleansing the kidneys. (source)

    7. Marshmallow Root As a soothing herb, marshmallow root may calm the tissues of the urinary tract. It’s also a gentle diuretic that encourages urination. Few scientific studies have examined the effects of marshmallow, the herb, not the white puffy snack, but they have a long history in traditional healing systems. Studies do confirm that they help soothe irritated mucous membranes. (source)

    8. Dandelion root Often mistaken as an annoying weed with no useful purpose, dandelion is actually loaded with benefits — both the leaf and the root. [9] Dandelion root, specifically, is a diuretic and promotes waste elimination. (source)

    9. Parsley A favorite herb among chefs, parsley is an aromatic, flavorful herb commonly used in herbal medicine. As a diuretic, it’s helpful for reducing the build up of toxins in the kidneys and entire urinary tract.

    The main reason why it is important to detoxify the kidneys is because it encounters toxins. From the food we eat, what we drink, pollution, and even stress – these can affect the functions of the kidneys and can aggravate an already existing condition.

    As you can treat certain diseases with medicine, you can do so with food as well. Aside from drinking the recommended amount of water, you can eat fruits rich in water and detoxifying agents. Watermelon for example is rich in water. You can also try these nine herbs. Although additional research is needed, as with all plants these herbs can help in waste elimination.

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