• Protecting Taxpayer’s money from fraudulent people

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    Protecting Taxpayer’s money from fraudulent peopleSchemes of people now a days of making money are unique and sometimes very funny. I’m not talking about getting a decent job and be good at it, well, that is pretty much common especially to those who seek to be promoted. But I’m talking about the opposite things, when an applicant got hired and after a while of working –that person would devise a plan that would exempt Him/Her from working but preserves His/Her benefits, such as monthly salary, regular bonuses, and allowances. Sounds cool huh? Well yes this is very possible. First off, what triggers this person to do this in the first place? Is this a sign of the complacency of those government paid workers towards their job? Public service is define as honest and sincere and is motivated to help the public,

    How many fraud cases have been reported that involves the government, well, I’m sure you can’t count them with your fingers. Such schemes are organized and well planned, some of them work as a group, and others work individually, these people are milking the government’s treasury for their own interests. They come as government employees but have ill agenda and often used the different agency to cover up their foot prints. The article bellow show some of the dreadful transactions involving agencies and some people from the government.

    EPA Hoodwinked by Its Highest Paid Climate Specialist

    Senior policy advisor John C. Beale of the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Air and Radiation pulled off a million dollar con in which he found a fix for his career doldrums by convincing his bosses that he was a top-secret CIA operative.

    This required him to be out of the office for extended periods of time—claiming to be traveling the globe on clandestine missions in the interest of homeland security.

    Yes, this EPA official was vicariously acting out some sort of James Bond fantasy instead of going to work—and getting paid for it.1 He occupied his time taking lavish vacations on the government's dime.

    Beale took 33 airplane trips between 2003 and 2011, costing the government $266,190. On 70 percent of those, he traveled first class and stayed in five-star hotels, traveled by limo, and charged more than twice the government's allowed per diem limit.

    Between …

    There are more than enough evidences of fraudulent activities that the government is involved. The question is how these people did or agencies were able to do such, when US is very know to be secured and lenient to their policies and laws. Those officials that represent people in the congress, or in the senate should review these rampant incidents of government involve fraud. They should end these form of corruption and manage the tax payers’ money sacredly.

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